Our Reason

About the Foundation

The DDH Foundation was established in loving memory of Donald Deneil Harrison, born on June 23, 1975, in Wilmington, North Carolina. From a young age, it was clear that Donald was a special individual, deeply concerned about the well-being of others and always ready to lend a helping hand. Known for his honorable character, Donald would go to great lengths to assist anyone in need, earning him the affectionate nickname of a kind and gentle "teddy bear" among those who knew him.

Tragically, on May 22, 2005, Donald's life was abruptly cut short. His passing left a void in the lives of all who adored him. His untimely death, stemming from a lack of opportunity, inspired the very mission of our foundation. We strive to honor his legacy by creating opportunities and supporting those in need, with the hope that by contributing to one life, we may help save another.

Join us in continuing Donald’s legacy of kindness, compassion, and support for the community.

Our Mission and Impact

By contributing to the education of someone, we create opportunities for them to achieve dreams they might not have otherwise been able to accomplish. This is the true inspiration behind our motto, “to help promote education to our future, for our future.” This phrase refers to the students who will one day own our banks, become Supreme Court Justices, and even become President of the United States. Now ask yourself, how can anyone achieve these things without the opportunity?

Throughout the year, we award scholarships and financial assistance to students. We also hold numerous giveaways for deserving students based on their academic progress and leadership in the community. Our primary award is for graduating seniors. If selected, a graduating senior receives a monetary scholarship and a laptop computer to support their first year at a four-year university.

Financial assistance is a key focus of our foundation. We collaborate with the Greater Promise Elite Learning Center as a primary source of academic support for students. One of our main goals is to provide financial aid for educational needs such as tutoring services, school supplies, and more!

Join us in making a difference and creating opportunities for the future leaders of our world.


(The fiscal year for the foundation is from July to the following June)